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Livestream: Theology of the Body – Virtual Conference (English)

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Where do I come from and
where am I going?
The world is starving for these answers.

This conference will be available worldwide between Friday, May 8, 2020, at 12PM EDT to Sunday, May 10, 2020, at Midnight.


We are living in a time of profound crisis in the Church. That crisis is of a sexual nature. We don’t understand in the modern world anymore what it means that God made us male and female. We live in a world that is compelling us by law to say that the body and the difference between man and woman is essentially meaningless.


St. John Paul II could see this crisis coming and gave the world the Theology of the Body. Our bodies are theological because, in understanding them, we understand God. St. John Paul II’s passionate search for this truth sparked what is now the fastest growing movement in the Church because it provides answers for these deepest longings of our hearts. In this glorious vision of what it means to be male and female, Theology of the Body provides a road map to the fulfillment, peace, hope and joy for which we are made.

Hosted by Theology of the Body Institute, the TOB Virtual Conference May 8-10 will feature dozens of prominent speakers and artists who will share their „ache“ and joy with you — showing how Theology of the Body applies to everyday life, how it will transform your prayer life, how it can bring healing of the deepest wounds in yourself and with others, and how it will bring your Catholic faith alive in new and brilliant ways.

Jesus’ first words in the Gospel of John are: “What are you looking for?” We invite you to take this weekend to unite with thousands of men and women around the world who are looking for that peace and joy that Christ holds out for each of us. Invite your family and friends, and log in at any time during the weekend to start your conference!


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